Today’s paragraphs come to us from Steven Hayward, writing for

Mr. Hayward’s latest commentary hits on both tonight’s Democrat debate and the prospects for its two current superstars – Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg – in the general election.

While I strongly urge you to use the above link and read every word (it’s not that long), these are what I consider the key paragraphs:

Bernie is a sure loser in November. I get the readers who say they’d prefer not to take the chance of having someone like Bernie that close to the presidency, but if someone like Sanders could win under current economic conditions then the country is already lost. But Bernie is America’s Jeremy Corbyn, and if I know anything with Bernie at the top of the ticket our election will be a mirror image of Britain’s December election, where the Conservative Party inflicted the worst defeat for the Labour Party in 80 years.

Bloomberg is a more formidable candidate against Trump, but his nomination will tear the Democratic Party apart, no matter how much money he pays out. It’s not just the Bernie Bros who will freak out. The entire current ethos of the Democratic Party is against conspicuous wealth and success, even though Democrats are happy to take the money of the Silicon Valley overclass.

Though not said in so many words, the implication is that if either of these two becomes the Democrat candidate, a large segment of the voting population – including many, many Democrats – will be outraged.  Infuriated.

And (this is me talking, not Mr. Hayward) a large number of the outraged, infuriated Democrats will probably be more than willing to demonstrate their outrage/fury by either not showing up at the polls on election day or going third party.

Steven Hayward wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for so clearly and concisely laying out the key problems Democrats have with their two front-runners.  Problems he sees – with good reason – as insurmountable.

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