Today’s paragraphs come to us from the always-worthwhile former Assistant U.S. Attorney and current columnist/commentator/author Andrew McCarthy.

Here, from his latest commentary, is Mr. McCarthy’s explanation of what he considers a huge tactical blunder by adam schiff, that puts Joe Biden squarely in the middle of the senate impeachment trial:

In sum, the House’s chief prosecutor represented to the American people that President Trump had asked his Ukrainian counterpart to fabricate a false case against Biden. In any court in America, that would open the door to the Trump defense team to show that this was not the president’s intention at all; he was simply asking Zelensky to look into a situation that cried out for an inquiry.

In light of Schiff’s explicit allegation, the president is entitled to an opportunity to show that there was reason for him to believe that a notoriously corrupt Ukrainian energy company had retained Hunter Biden and paid him a fortune despite his lack of qualifications; and that later, despite the blatant conflict of interest, then–vice president Biden extorted Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company, threatening to withhold $1 billion in desperately needed funds.

Schiff insists that Trump’s claims in this regard are false. But his mere say-so does not prove falsity, no more than his mere say-so proves that Trump wanted Ukraine to “make up dirt” on Biden. Figuring out who has the better of a factual dispute is what a trial is about. If a litigant does not want to create a dispute, it’s up to the litigant to steer clear of the issue.

Adam Schiff steered his case straight into the Bidens. The Trump team may have their political reasons for highlighting Biden’s involvement. But it was Schiff’s strategy that made the Bidens relevant. If one or both of them ends up in the witness box, they have Schiff to thank.

It is an ongoing source of amazement to me that Democrats (spurred on by a fawning media) seem to think they’ve got a winner in adam schiff.  I see him as oily and dishonest….and suspect that a great many other people feel the same way.

schiff, and his Democrat cohorts, accuse Trump of demanding that Ukraine provide a quid pro quo – investigating the Bidens – to get their aid.  That accusation completely falls apart because a) there is no record of Trump making such a demand (try and find it on the call transcript) and b) in any event, Ukraine got the aid without providing the investigation.

But Biden’s quid pro quo demand – that there would be no aid unless the Burisma prosecutor was fired – is on video tape for everyone to hear.  And that prosecutor was, in fact fired.

See the difference?  I assume you do, since a blind person could.

Andrew McCarthy wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for laying out the blunder that adam schiff has made, that, I fervently hope, will put Joe Biden exactly where he should be:  in the senate chamber trying to justify his overt – not imagined, not fantasized, but overt — threat to withhold $1 billion dollars from Ukraine unless the prosecutor investigating Burisma, which was paying his kid millions for absolutely nothing other than the fact that his daddy was Vice President, was fired.

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