Today’s paragraphs come to us from Pat Droney, writing for  They describe the professional career of one Anthony Manson, and the salutary effect New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new bail policy has had on his career:

Anthony Manson is a serial burglar. During the Christmas shopping season, Manson did his shopping by stealing packages from Brooklyn apartment buildings, helped in no small way by the Andrew Cuomo Criminal Enhancement Act, otherwise known as the new bail reform law.

Manson, 50, was arrested for nine burglaries in Prospect Lefferts-Gardens and Crown Heights on Dec. 23, according to police. He appeared before a judge on Christmas and was released—only to be arrested again for six more burglaries on Jan. 3, police said. Of course, he was released once again, and then decided to visit a Manhattan sunglass store on Wednesday and rip that business off.

So, when Manson went to court, he probably expected that the gig was up. Manson was pleasantly surprised as once again, he walked out of court for the burglary at the Center Stage Optique in the West Village.

The article goes on, but I think you get the picture.

It is very similar to what is going on in California, where Prop. 47’s dictum that theft which does not exceed $950 is considered only a misdemeanor has made retail outlets free-for-the-taking arcades.

This is lunacy to the nth degree, and then some.

I award Pat Doney Paragraphs Of The Day for reminding us of how it works, and why it is insane.

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