Today’s paragraphs come to us from David Marcus, writing for

Mr. Marcus is both outraged and sarcastically amused by CNN’s whining over Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) refusing to talk to one of its correspondents, Manu Raju, on the grounds that he is a “liberal hack”.

Here is what he has to say about it:

As a guy who grew up in Philly I’d like to inform CNN that you don’t get to come to the playground, smack everyone around and then run to the teacher when they hit you back. So here are a few jabs for you purveyors of pure, unbiased truth. Lets run down the list of people you told viewers are likely to take down Trump over the past few years. James Comey, Robert Mueller, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Michael Avenatti, the whistleblower, the SDNY, Andrew McCabe, Stormy Daniels, and now John Bolton and Lev Parnas.

The mathematical probability of being that wrong, that often while acting in good faith falls somewhere between zero and zero. Do they hate their viewers? It’s like they are in an abusive relationship with them where they prey on their emotions, contently promising a better, Trump-free tomorrow, constantly disappointing that expectation.

But you know what the real problem is? It’s that these heroes actually believe their own nonsense. They bash the bias of the conservative media but at least we own it, it’s why it’s called conservative media. CNN’s ridiculous claims of objectivity and impartiality, all while ridiculing the right at every turn borders on mental illness. Remove the chryon from thy own eye.

Look, Manu Raju seems like a nice fellow, and nobody likes to get called mean things, but if CNN can’t understand why GOP lawmakers don’t want to stop and chat with people whose sole purpose is to make them look bad, then it needs a reality check. The network sees itself as a font of unvarnished truth, the Oracle of Atlanta, but it’s really a propaganda machine for Democrats and Never Trumpers.

CNN likes to dish it out. Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo love to look stunned at conservative media’s mendacious lies, but when they get called out for being the biased outlet they obviously are, they cry foul and hide behind the cloak of sacred journalism. That’s not how it works.

David Marcus wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for accurately characterizing what CNN – once valued for its (at least somewhat) nonpartisan news content – has devolved into…

…and for deriding the network as it whines and pouts over being called out on what it has become, then treated accordingly.

If a guy goes his date’s house on prom night wearing a purple tuxedo, orange coonskin hat and green sneakers, he shouldn’t be surprised if his date – and her folks – are less than taken with his choices and tell him to take a hike.

If CNN claims to be a neutral source of news but then sends out people like Manu Raju to interview Republicans….I think you can probably finish this one for yourself.

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