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‌Today’s paragraphs come to us from Ken Cohen, writing for  Mr. Cohen’s latest commentary outlines the enormous benefits that the death of kasam solo money bring to the civilized world. Particularly to Israel:

Finding anyone to replace him in sheer savagery and competence could prove an impossible job for Iran’s Supreme Leader. Moreover, other senior key Iranian proxy leaders were also wiped out in the US strike in Iraq that killed Soleimani. At a minimum, the planning, coordination, and execution of Iran’s nefarious plans have been disrupted in a major way. This can only be a positive development in the Middle East.

If Lebanon’s Hezbollah is stymied in its efforts to build factories to upgrade its rockets with precision guidance systems, Israel will be the major beneficiary. If expeditionary Iran-proxy Hezbollah militias are disrupted in encroaching on — and threatening — Israel’s Golan Heights from Syria, the threat level to Israel will be mitigated. And if Hamas and PIJ suffer a funding crisis and a shortage of rockets to lob at Israel’s south, that will be a very welcome development.

Freed of Soleimani’s potent tentacles, Iraq and other countries may have the opportunity to extricate themselves from Iran’s oppressive, murderous machinations.

In other words, Soleimani’s removal opens up many good possibilities, particularly for Israel.

As for the dire downside predicted worldwide upon Soleimani’s elimination, the Iranians have so far disappointed. After years of giving Iran’s Quds Force a relatively free hand in exporting chaos around the world, perhaps the United States and others will conclude that a passive approach to Iran’s infamies has only invited more infamies. Perhaps America’s bold move in eliminating Soleimani has exposed Iran’s vulnerability to forceful, dramatic action.

US interests, as well as Israel’s precarious situation, will almost surely be improved now that the main architect of Middle East terror and aggression has been removed from the battlefield.

 Ken Cohen wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for getting it so right about the enormously positive benefits of President Trump taking out qassem soleimani….

… benefits you would never know existed, if all you read were the attacks on Trump from Democrats, whose angry verbal broadsides suggest they’d be much more comfortable with soleimani still alive and able to continue killing people – including US military – with gleeful abandon.

What is wrong with them? Can their political BS really be so cynical that it supersedes the removal of a career mass-murdering terrorist?

I wish I had a different answer to that question.

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  • Is there anyway to bring our media back to reporting news instead of just broadcasting propaganda for one political party?
    Will we ever have an honest press?

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