Today’s paragraphs come to us from Miranda Devine, writing for the New York Post.

Ms. Devine’s latest commentary is about Nancy Pelosi.  In it, she wonders why most media continue to see Ms. Pelosi in iconic terms.

What is her evidence that Pelosi is not exactly a shining beacon of political genius?  Here’s your answer:

Her impeachment gambit has flopped. She has united Republicans around President Trump in an election year, electrified his base and allowed him to run again as an outsider, quite some feat for a sitting president.

It has cost her a member, fed-up New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who defected to the Republicans.

And it’s tanking in swing-state polls. The latest Des Moines Register survey found 48 percent of Iowa voters say Trump should not be removed from office, while just 40 percent say he should.

Now Pelosi’s three-week delay in sending articles of impeachment to the Senate has been exposed as a ditzy ploy which only raised the ire of hard-headed colleagues such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Sunday, on ABC’s “This Week,” Pelosi tried to put a positive spin on her miscalculation, making the extraordinarily statement that the president is “impeached for life.”

Asked if the House would file new articles of impeachment, she said, “Let’s just see what the Senate does.”

This is permanent impeachment as a political weapon, an unprincipled tactic by a speaker with delusions of grandeur.

So much for the pretense that impeachment had to be rushed through before Christmas without subpoenaing important witnesses because the president is a “clear and present danger.”

Maybe Pelosi hoped, if she procrastinated long enough, the evidence she didn’t have would materialize from her friends in the media. She clutched yesterday at the damp squib of John Bolton’s announcement he might testify.

But with the Iowa caucuses just three weeks away and the nation’s attention drawn to weightier issues such as Iran and the trade deal the president will sign with China on Wednesday, Pelosi had no choice.

She had to capitulate without a single concession from her sphinx-like Senate Republican counterpart, Mitch McConnell, and she’ll be sending the articles over this week.

What a humiliation.

Yet this is a woman hailed as a master strategist.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton’s unlikability and incompetent presidential campaign managed to make Donald Trump, arguably the single least electable major party candidate of my lifetime, President of the United States.

Now, in 2020, Nancy Pelosi, following in Ms. Clinton’s footprints, is managing to turn an impeachment – which should be a humiliating event for a president – into a political asset instead.

And this is who they celebrate????

Miranda Devine wins Paragraphs Of The Day for calling out media’s supporters/defenders of Pelosi as the look-the-other-way partisans they are.

It’s a good bet that Donald Trump thanks every one of them.

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