Today’s paragraphs come to us from  Kimberley Strassel’s latest commentary for the Wall Street Journal.

They discuss the disgusting, amoral behavior of Rep. adam schiff (D-CA), Chairperson of the House Intelligence Committee, who took it upon himself to obtain the telephone records of, President Trump’s personal attorneys, other (Republican, of course) House members and journalists.

Says Ms. Strassel:

Fanatics can justify any action, and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff this week demonstrated where that mindset leads. In his rush to paint Donald Trump as a lawbreaker, Mr. Schiff has himself trampled law and responsibility.

That’s the bottom line in Mr. Schiff’s stunning decision to subpoena the phone records of Rudy Giuliani and others. Mr. Schiff divulged the phone logs this week in his Ukraine report, thereby revealing details about the communications of Trump attorneys Jay Sekulow and Mr. Giuliani, ranking Intelligence Committee member Devin Nunes, reporter John Solomon and others. The media is treating this as a victory, when it is a disgraceful breach of ethical and legal propriety.

If nothing else, Mr. Schiff claims the ignominious distinction of being the first congressman to use his official powers to spy on a fellow member and publish the details. His report also means open season on members of the press. Mr. Giuliani over months has likely spoken to dozens of political figures and reporters—and the numbers, dates and length of those calls are now in Democrats’ hot little hands. Who gets the Schiff treatment next? If you think politics is ugly now, imagine a world in which congressional partisans routinely track and expose the call lists of their political rivals and disfavored media.

I have a question for you:  other than Ms. Strassell’s commentary, how many media venues have you seen this information in?

Not many, I’ll bet.

Now another question:  how many media venues would you expect to see this information in if a Republican with similar authority – say, Republican committee chairpeople like senators Lindsey Graham or Richard Burr – decides to get his/her hands on schiff’s telephone records?  Or Nancy Pelosi’s.  Or a few Democrat-friendly/Republican-hating journalists?

Do you think that would be as anonymous as media have made schiff’s actions?  I’m betting the answer would be a resounding “no”.  Not even close.

I award Kimberley Strassel Paragraphs Of The Day honors for doing nothing other than talking honestly about the disgraceful behavior of adam schiff…

…and I award full dishonors to the media which  – as per usual – run interference for schiff, because they would rather forgo their journalistic ethics than attack a Trump-hater for going after the guy they hate as much as he does.

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