Today’s paragraphs come to us from David Marcus writing for

In his latest commentary, Mr. Marcus tells us about how an uncharismatic, unappealing partisan hack like Jerrold Nadler is able to win election after election.

As you will see, Mr. Marcus’s answer is not pretty.  Not pretty at all:

Democrats hate gerrymandering, at least when Republicans do it. They want independent commissions, not lawmakers, to decide our congressional districts. Okay, but what about Nadler’s ponderous and unlikely New York 10? Going from south to north, this district somewhat amazingly starts in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, then grazes a few blocks of Bay Ridge before leaping the East River and somehow winding up on the west coast of Manhattan, capturing TriBeCa, Soho, Chelsea, and the Upper West Side.

What is the result of this unlikely serpentine district? It just so happens it is more than 70 percent white, in a city where white people are less than 50 percent of the population. It somehow also manages to be less than 5 percent black in a city where black people make up a quarter of the population. Let’s be clear, there is only one plausible explanation for this unicorn district, and it is to be as white possible so Nadler doesn’t face pesky challenges from politicians of color.

The purpose of pointing out this uncomfortable truth is very much to expose noble Nadler for the fraud he is. He wants to remove the duly elected president of United States, all while he owes his office to the race-based machinations of a gerrymandering that Democrats claim to abhor. This is Democratic hypocrisy tied up with a nice bow.

 Does Mr. Marcus make a good point here? I’ll leave it to you to decide.

But I suggest that, before doing so, you take a good look at a map of New York’s 10th congressional district and see what he is talking about with your own eyes. I have a feeling it will inform your final decision.

I award David Marcus Paragraphs Of The Day honors for letting us know that, in addition to being an uncharismatic, unappealing partisan hack, Jerrold Nadler is the beneficiary of a racially purified congressional district which, were it held by a Republican, Nadler and his pals would be screaming about at the top of their lungs.

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