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In her latest commentary, Ms. Davidson, after discussing an ugly interview conducted by BBC’s Andrew Neil with jeremy corbyn, the thinly-disguised anti-Semite who heads Britain’s Labour Party, had this to say about how corbyn’s views comport with those of the United States left:

As I’ve written in the past when covering Corbyn, the reason his descent is so fascinatingly awful is that it offers a blueprint of what may be in store for the American Left if they continue to make excuses for anti-Semitism creeping within their ranks by often alleging that such sentiments are simply “anti-Israel” or “pro-Palestinian” rhetoric. In fact, the Washington Post attempted that same pivot earlier Wednesday morning by claiming the anti-Semitism committed by Labour members amounted to merely “strong statements on Palestinian rights.” The Washington Post has since deleted the tweet after realizing how categorically awful it was.

Many House Democrats routinely fraternized with rabid hate preacher Louis Farrakhan to little criticism. Two months ago, two House Democrats agree to be hosted by a group that published blood libel against the Jews (an event that never transpired after they were denied entry to Israel). A popular Democratic primary candidate for 2020 recently elevated anti-Semite Linda Sarsour to “campaign surrogate.” Last week, a Leftist group at Vassar chanted “from the river to the sea,” a phrase advocating for the ethnic cleansing of the Jews in Israel. Democratic leadership in New York continues to ignore the targeting of Jews in Brooklyn because most of the assailants, if not all, seem not to be from the far-right.

If any of these behaviors were associated with the right, the mainstream media in the United States would do nothing but discuss how the right had an egregious anti-Semitism problem. And even when given the chance to comment on left-wing anti-Semitism, they transform such anti-Semitism into a commentary on the Palestinians, as the Washington Post did earlier today.

I commend the British media for tackling what the American media is unable to do, either for lack of gumption or because they are indifferent to anti-Semitism or perhaps more darkly, because they find it excusable. Given the Washington Post’s reaction, I would argue the answer falls sadly in the latter two camps. Bravo to the British media. As a Jewish woman, I must admit, ours is far more pathetic.

I have just one bone of contention with Ms. Davidson’s analysis:  this is not “British Media” tackling leftist anti-Semitism, it is Andrew Neil doing so.  Lamentably, there is no shortage of instances where anti-Semitism is ignored, even accepted, by British media venues.

Other than that?  Well said, Ms. Davidson.  How I wish I could give you an argument regarding your juxtaposition of jeremy corbyn and his counterparts on this side of the Atlantic.  But I can’t.

Erielle Davidson, therefore, wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for talking honestly and bluntly about the American left’s increasingly overt anti-Semitism and our media, which seem determined to look the other way as it happens.

“Never again”?  Don’t believe it.

“Again” can happen, if we let it.

Will we?

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