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Mr. Hunter’s latest commentary covers a topic I have often discussed here – the claim that the color of your skin defines whether or not you can be a racist.

Here is his explanation of why “White Supremacist” has, in just the past year or so, magically supplanted “racist” as the attack of choice:

The groupthink on the left had everyone, simultaneously, adopting the term “white supremacist.” The word “racist” covers it, but leftists have so overused it that it’s lost all meaning. It’s hard to find anyone outside of the far left who hasn’t been called a racist in the last 10 years by Democrats, directly or indirectly, over things as basic as policy disagreements. To have a Democrat call you a racist became a joke. White supremacist, on the other hand, hadn’t. 

Progressives created, and have been advancing for decades, a ridiculous idea that only white people can be a racist. The argument is “race plus power equals racism” and, the argument goes, white people have the power in the US, therefore, everyone else can hate anyone else for their skin color, especially white people, and be exempt from the charge. White people have it coming anyway. 

It’s perverse, but when your electoral strategy is telling people the system is rigged against them because of their skin color, you have to find some way to absolve them of the hatred the people who buy into your lies naturally develop toward their “oppressors.” Democrats appointed themselves accuser and savior; manufacturing anger and justifying it away. 

Mr. Hunter and I have our disagreements on certain issues.  But not on this one.

It is not only absurd to claim that using racist language either does or does not count depending on the skin color of the person using that language (a criterion which, itself, is obviously racist).  But, in addition, doing so is a statement of inferiority for the group being absolved.

Here, let me give you an example.

Personally, I am White and I am Jewish.  If I were to call a Black person any of the expletives used to insult/humiliate/denigrate Black people – “nigger” being prime among them – no one would doubt that I’m a racist.

Fair enough.  Anyone who uses that language is a racist.

But suppose a Black person calls me a “dirty White kike bastard”.  Am I supposed to give that person a free pass on the basis that, due to his/her skin color, the comment is neither racist nor anti-Semitic?

You would have to be an idiot to accept that premise.  Yet it is EXACTLY what is being sold to us by the left, including most, if not all, major Democrat Presidential candidates.

And, just as bad if not even worse, if a Black person is absolved of using such language on the basis of skin color, that person is inherently being told he/she does not have to meet the standards of people with other skin colors.

He/she is being told, in so many words, that “Because you are Black, we don’t expect the same of you that we’d expect of Whites, Asians, etc.  We don’t expect your standards to be as high as theirs are.  If you give us less, that’s OK, we understand”.

Could that be more racist?  If so, how?

If I were Black, I’d damn well be insulted – not to mention infuriated and outraged.  Why?  Because it is telling me that, based on nothing other than my skin color, I’m not expected to behave the same way non-Blacks are expected to behave.  That, literally, I am being shown the same deference an adult shows a child.   I am Black, therefore inferior, so allowances must be made.

Derek Hunter may not have said it as completely as I just did.  But the fact that he said it at all – thus assuring himself of the “racist” and “White Supremacist” label for time immemorial – wins him Paragraphs Of The Day honors.

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