Today’s paragraphs come to us from David Horowitz – the former communist-turned-conservative, who founded, and writes for,

Mr. Horowitz does not like South Bend, Indiana Mayor and presidential asipirant Peter Buttigieg  And he especially does not like most media’s kid-gloves treatment of Buttigieg, given how disastrous South Bend is after his 8+ years as its mayor.

Here is his reasoning:

While Chicago is notorious for its murder rate, in 2015, Buttigieg’s South Bend actually topped Chicago’s 16.4 homicides per 100,000 people with a homicide rate of 16.79 per 100,000 people. Those numbers put Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s city on the list of the top 30 murder capitals in the country for the year.

By 2017, shootings had risen 20% on Mayor Buttigieg’s watch. Rapes increased 27% and aggravated assaults rose from 183 in 2013, the year before Buttigieg took office, to a stunning 563 assaults.

The media’s bias has never been subtle, but its disinterest in a presidential candidate’s track record has never been this blatant. Mayor Buttigieg’s candidacy is being covered as if he weren’t the mayor of an actual city with actual problems. Instead his prospects have been covered purely in terms of his identity, a gay millennial, his past career before taking office, and his current witticisms and applause lines.

At no point in time does the media stop to tell the viewers and readers it is regaling with stories of Mayor Buttigieg’s charm that he runs the most dangerous city in Indiana, recently rated as one of the “worst cities to live”, where nearly half the residents live at the poverty level, and even the water is bad.

These are significant data points in the track record of a politician aspiring to run the entire country.

Interesting track record.

Now tell me:  if South Bend is in this condition after over eight years of Peter Buttigieg as Mayor, wouldn’t it seem reasonable to expect our media to take at least a little time out from writing his hagiography to let us in on it?

And if media are not letting us in on it, what does it say about their neutrality?  Anything different than what we talk about in here virtually every day?  Sadly, the answer is no, nothing different at all.

I award David Horowitz Paragraphs Of The Day honors for telling us what these so-called “journalists” won’t – to his great credit and their great shame.


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