Today’s paragraphs come from Marc Thiessen, the Washington Post’s house conservative (unless your logic is mangled enough to think Jennifer Rubin is a conservative as well).

In his latest commentary, Mr. Thiessen – correctly – identifies a number of Democrat loudmouths who have spent the past two years claiming they have evidence that President colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.

But Thiessen’s most pointed attack is reserved for james brennan – whom he – again correctly – sees as the single most odious of the “I have evidence of collusion” liars who have infested MSNBC, CNN and the three major networks with their accusations for the past two years – accusations we now know to be completely untrue.

In Thiessen’s view, brennan goes several steps beyond the others because, as CIA Director under Barack Obama, someone might believe he was privy to information the rest of them did not have… and because, throughout the two years, he accused Donald Trump, the President of the United States, as being both a Russian asset and a traitor.

You can – and by all means should – use the link I’ve provided above, to read Mr. Thiessen’s entire piece.  But, for the meanwhile, here are its key paragraphs:

Put aside the rogues’ gallery of reporters and pundits who assured us that Donald Trump had conspired with Vladimir Putin to steal the presidency. What is most insidious are those who did have access to classified intelligence and led Americans to believe that they had seen what we could not: actual evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

(After citing a number of Democrat offenders)…These comments by people with access to intelligence were shameful.  But the most sinister of all is John Brennan, who used his authority as former CIA director to suggest that Trump was a traitor and a compromised Russian asset. After Trump’s Helsinki summit, Brennan declared “he is wholly in the pocket of Putin.” When challenged by Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” Brennan stood by his assessment. “I called [Trump’s] behavior treasonous, which is to betray one’s trust and aid and abet the enemy, and I stand very much by that claim.

And now that the mueller report, despite being stacked with a staff comprised of Democrats – including several who specifically donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign – tells us they couldn’t find any evidence of collusion?

Brennan’s explanation is:

“I don’t know if I received bad information, but I think I suspected there was more than there actually was.”

That’s it?  That’s supposed to wipe away two years of going on TV braying that he had evidence of collusion he had no evidence of,  and accusing the President of the United States of being a traitor?

I award Marc Theissen Paragraphs Of The Day honors for calling out this lying sack of manure.

I also award eternal dishonor/shame to brennan for being the lying sack of manure in question…

…and to NBC and MSNBC, which have disgraced themselves by inflicting his serial BS on their viewers over the past two years.

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  • Without doubt, based on known FACTS,
    Putin’s government COLLUDED with the President of the United States :
    1 .. Russia gave the US President $145 Million in exchange for 20% of the US Uranium reserves
    2 .. Russia paid the President’s spouse $500,000 for a vacuous 20 minute speech.

    Hillary R. Clinton, according to all the important Democrats, IS the REAL President of the United States.
    It’s HER TURN.
    Damn Russian Colluder !

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