In conjunction with my previous blog, today’s paragraphs come to us from political commentator/negotiating specialist Ed Brodow, writing for the website.

In his latest commentary, Mr. Brodow argues – very cogently – that the rise in domestic anti-Semitism has been caused by a combination of Democrats embracing identity politics and deferring to population segments where anti-Semitism is especially likely to be found.

Says Mr. Brodow:

The atmosphere for Jews in America, observes David Horowitz, is more hostile than at any time in the last 70 years. In 2017, for example, 60% of religiously motivated hate crimes in the U.S. were against Jews, who represent less than 2% of the population. “The continuing successes of front organizations such as Students for Justice in Palestine,” says Horowitz, “are ominous indicators of the dangers that confront us, and should be a wake-up call.”

The role of the Democratic Party in the rise of anti-Semitism cannot be denied. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The Democrats have an anti-Semitism problem, and it isn’t subtle.” Former Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison “accused the shifty Jews of running American foreign policy,” says the Detroit News. Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, the first two Muslim women to be elected to Congress, support boycotting, sanctioning and divesting from Israel. Omar recently tweeted that congressional support for Israel is “all about the Benjamins baby,” a slang term for $100 bills and an obvious anti-Semitic trope. “When you say that Jews have magical hypnotic powers to control other people, you’re an anti-Semite,” writes John Podhoretz in the New York Post. “When you say Jews control other people through money, you’re an anti-Semite. When you say Jews have conspired to force you to apologize for saying anti-Semitic things, you’re an anti-Semite. ¬Ilhan Omar is an anti-Semite.” Several Jewish lawmakers have denounced Omar and Tlaib, as have two Jewish groups affiliated with the Democratic Party.

But what about the party itself? The Democrats have been conspicuously reluctant to discipline the obvious anti-Semitism within their ranks. “None of the leaders of the Democratic Party,” David Harsanyi wrote in the New York Post, “has said anything about the activist wing pushing these age-old hatreds.” And what about the Democratic-controlled media? “The media,” said Harsanyi, “has a track record of tenaciously ignoring the anti-Semitism creeping into Democratic Party politics.”

Instead of demanding that Omar be removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, left-wing elements within the party, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, actually have defended the offensive comments made by Omar and Tlaib. Party leaders Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi recently supported Omar’s anti-Semitic ravings by saying the equivalent of “she did not mean it that way.” The Washington Free Beacon put its finger on the problem: “The real Ilhan Omar scandal isn’t that a high-profile member of a powerful House committee hates Jews and Israel. The real scandal is that progressives don’t think her hate is a problem, and in fact they don’t even consider it hate. For many progressives today, bigotry against the right kind of people is a virtue.”

“Democrats need the votes of people who hate Israel,” observes the Jerusalem Post. “In doing so, politicians such as Nancy Pelosi within the Democratic establishment look the other way when certain viewpoints correlate to anti-Semitism.” Bret Stephens agrees in the New York Times: “If Pelosi can’t muster a powerful and unequivocal resolution condemning anti-Semitism, then Omar will have secured her political future and won a critical battle for the soul of the Democratic Party. At that point, the days when American Jews can live comfortably within the Democratic fold will be numbered.”

Ed Brodow wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for this strong, fully referenced explanation of what has happened to the Democrat Party – how it has morphed into the go-to party for Israel and Jew hatred.

My only objection to what he presents is the claim, in Bret Stephens’ quote, that “If Pelosi can’t muster a powerful and unequivocal resolution condemning anti-Semitism…the days when American Jews can live comfortably within the Democratic fold will be numbered.”

Wake up Bret.  She couldn’t.  She didn’t even try.  And those days are not numbered, they are over.

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