Today’s paragraphs come to us from Rabbi Dov Fischer – a very angry Rabbi Dov Fischer – and concern the rush by some in our mainstream media to blame President Trump for the slaughter of Jews at a Pittsburgh, PA synagogue.

From his impassioned commentary at American Spectator (

And now, a dirtbag with a demented mind that actually led him to post on Facebook his hate of President Trump — he hates Trump because the sicko regards Trump as a “globalist” — shoots at Jews in a Pittsburgh temple, and the Left media, the Democrats, and their hand-picked anti-Trump Jewish stooges get trotted out to blame President Trump.

So I respond: Don’t you dare insult me as a rabbi by blaming your perceived political enemies for some dirtbag Jew-hater. This President could not be a better friend of Jewish concerns and causes. He supports Israel and moved America’s Israel embassy to Jerusalem. His daughter and son-in-law are Orthodox Jews, and he treats them lovingly and respectfully, as he does their Orthodox Jewish children, his grandchildren. He ended Obama’s vicious anti-Israel animus, and he has supported Israel strongly in the United Nations. No wonder that Jews throughout the world love him, support him. In Israel, among Israeli Jews, he is wildly popular with a 67% approval rating. They hated Obama — and for great reason. In England, the Jews have gone conservative, while the British Labour Party has chosen an outright anti-Semite, Jeremy Corbyn, as their leader. Jews from the former Soviet Union are the most conservative of people. As are Orthodox Jews in America. Jews throughout the world — except for those in America influenced by Hollywood and the Left Media — have become increasingly and intensively conservative. And we enthusiastically support President Trump. President Trump has condemned anti-Semitism as forthrightly as has any President in American history. When the people were murdered at the Pittsburgh temple, he ordered all American flags to be flown at half-staff for three days. Compare that to Obama who responded to Arab terrorists murdering Jews in a kosher-food store in France by saying blithely that they randomly had been killed at some random delicatessen.

Thus, it is despicable beyond words when Democrats, Leftists, and NeverTrumpers jump to blame President Trump for the deranged actions of a mentally sick dirtbag. And nothing is more disgusting than when carefully selected Leftist rabbis abuse their station to spew their garbage against President Trump and blame him for the actions of a maniacal moron like Robert Bowers who actually hates Trump and calls him a “globalist.” The Left media dig up these Jewish characters whose god is not the G-d of the Torah but the gods of Hollywood and the ACLU. By contrast, among the Jewish community we Orthodox Jews comprise the ones who actually live Judaism, observe Jewish traditions, who believe every word of the Torah, who eat strictly kosher, who observe the Sabbath according to its laws. Those of us who actually worship and serve the G-d of the Torah, not the gods of Hollywood and the Leftist media, are among the strongest supporters of President Trump — and we are outraged, beyond insulted, when CNN and MSNBC and other Seedier Media gang up against us and dig up JINOs — yep, Jews In Name Only — to blame our President wrongly and falsely. Jews who would not know, recognize, or grasp a passage of the Talmud if it were placed on their laps, in English translation, with an audio recording alongside.

So is there anyone to blame for the Pittsburgh shootings?

Well, for starters, howzabout we blame the mental-case dirtbag who did it? Did anyone ever consider that?

I won’t mention why Rabbi Fischer wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors.  Anyone who doesn’t already know, probably is immune to finding out.

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