Today’s paragraphs come to us from Piers Morgan, the crusty British TV personality/commentator.

Morgan, though certainly no Republican or rightwing partisan, has been friends with Donald Trump for a good many years.  And he has no problem in explaining why.

After first pointing out that, according to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, President Trump’s approval ratings are higher than Barack Obama’s were at this stage of their presidencies (a little something almost no U.S. media found a reason to report), he says this:

Of course, America’s liberals will respond to the shock poll in the way they respond to all things Trump – with fury, incredulity and by sticking their collective heads in the sand.

‘HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING?’ they will wail, uncontrollably.

‘WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE WHO LIKE HIM?’ they will howl into each other’s kale salads.

‘THIS IS THE END OF PLANET EARTH!’ they will sob, in their normal understated manner.

All of which will be music to the ears of Trump, a man who absolutely revels in liberal hysteria because he knows it works for him, as this new poll proves.

The more Trump-bashers scream abuse at and about him, the more it fires up his base – and indeed, the more it fires up Trump himself.

Mr. Morgan’s article goes on to point out that the anti-Trump daily hysteria displayed by his enemies has turned off enough moderates/independents to swing things Mr. Trump’s way.  It then lists out the prodigious achievements his administration has provided in the less than two years it has been in power.  And more.

Very, very worthwhile reading.

The one thing I disagree with – and it is an ongoing disagreement with most people who support Trump/other Republicans, is characterizing the anti-Trump people as “liberals”.  They are anything but.

Liberals are people open to new and/or different ideas, ways of looking at things, etc.  Today’s left is about as tolerant as a hitler youth rally (no, I’m not calling them hitlerian, only comparing their liberality level).

In any case, Piers Morgan wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors, for showing that he understands how Trump operates; in particular, how he exploits the behavior of people who hate him.

In this regard, Piers Morgan displays a level of understanding that clearly escapes most Trump haters, as well as most of our mainstream media (assuming there is any difference between the two).

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