Today’s paragraphs come to us via the latest commentary from’s John Hinderaker.

Mr. Hinderaker attempts – unsuccessfully I’m pretty certain – to explain to our mainstream media why their two-year non-stop attack on everything Donald Trump is, says and does has not resonated with the public.

Here is the key segment:

To hear the press tell it, President Trump is an unprecedented menace to the republic. Every day’s news is devoted to undermining him and his administration. Not just the New York Times and the Washington Post, but news outlets that once were regarded as relatively neutral, like the Associated Press, have made war on Donald Trump ever since his nomination for the presidency, if not before. Time after time, they have delivered blows they thought would be fatal. NBC’s leak of the Access Hollywood tape is one notorious instance among many. The Russia Hoax is another.

And our readers do not need to be reminded of Democratic politicians’ non-stop hysteria over the last 18 months.

Still, despite everything–despite his own occasional blunders as well as the unremitting hostility of all right-thinking people–Trump’s standing with the voters has barely been dented. His approval ratings move within a rather narrow range. At the moment, he is at 49% approval in the Rasmussen survey, the only rolling daily poll now being published, with 50% disapproving. Moreover, his “Approval Index”–the difference between strong approval and strong disapproval–stands at -7. That doesn’t sound great, but at the same point in his first term, Barack Obama’s Approval Index was -19.

The Democrats have yet to come to grips with the fact that so far, President Trump is more popular with voters than their idol Barack Obama. If they were more reflective, Democrats might wonder why this is so. I suppose it has to do with a booming economy, record low unemployment, especially among minorities and women, solid advances in foreign policy, and in general, a sense that we now have a president who is at least trying to advance American interests. To put America first, in other words.

Just curious:  did you know that, at this point in his presidency, Donald Trump’s favoability ratings are significantly higher than Barack Obama’s were in the same poll?

Or, based on media’s reporting, did you “know” that Barack Obama was popular President, while Donald Trump is way down there in Deplorableville?

I award John Hinderaker Paragraphs Of The Day honors for reminding us of those data, and for enumerating some (not all) of the facts media have to ignore for them to not understand why Trump’s numbers haven’t fallen to where these “journalists” think they should be.

Put another way, if they are entered in an Obtuseness contest, they’re certainly in the running.

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