Today’s paragraphs come to us from Wayne Allyn Root, writing for  Root’s latest commentary concerns the Democrat Party’s apparent decision to feature immigration as a – possibly the – key issue of 2018’s election cycle.

Says Mr. Root:

How bad can it get for those poor, poor, clueless, delusional Democrats?

In their infinite wisdom (because we all know how intellectual they are- or at least that’s what they keep reminding us), Democrats have chosen illegal immigration as their main issue for the upcoming election. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as their poster gal. 

Did I mention that Ocasio-Cortez is a proud Socialist? 

Did I mention in addition to open borders and abolishing ICE, she believes in free college for all, free Medicare for all, universal income (everyone gets a salary from government for not working) and get this, she thinks everyone who wants a government job should be provided one. I’m sure she’d give a plum government job (plus lifetime pension) to every MS-13 gangbanger who asks nicely!

That’s your platform? Really? You’re not kidding? Democrats must believe in assisted suicide.

The latest polls…

*A majority of blacks & Hispanics want stricter immigration laws.

*Only 25% of voters want to abolish ICE vs 55% who support ICE.

*Americans are united in opposition to Sanctuary cities- with 84% of voters wanting illegal aliens turned over to authorities.

*50% of American voters favor changing to a merit-based immigration system vs. 34% who prefer the existing family-based system.

*Trump’s approval rating is up 10 points one month with Hispanics.

*Reuters reports young white Americans are fleeing the Democrat Party in record numbers. Overall among all young voters, Republicans are now amazingly tied 39-39 with Democrats. Yes, among young voters.

If I wrote this storyline in a movie script, not one liberal Hollywood movie mogul would buy it. They’d say it’s too far-fetched. They’d say no one could be this blind, deaf, dumb or clueless. Yet the Democrats are actually doing this in real life. It’s stranger than fiction. 

Wayne Allyn Root wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for trying to talk sense to Democrats about the ramifications of featuring an issue that appeals to the party’s hardline base, but blows away just about everyone else.

It is very hard to believe they do not understand this.  But, apparently, they do not.

My experience over the past several decades has been that the level of obtuseness necessary to make such a decision almost always resides within the Republican Party.  I can only wonder how it managed to rub off on the other side of the aisle this year.

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