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Today\’s winner is conservative writer Ben Domenech. Mr. Domenech, whose latest commentary deals with the attempts by Planned Parenthood and its allies to paint Colorado Springs murderer robert lewis dear as some kind of paradigm for the pro-life movements.
Within that commentary (which you can read by clicking here), Mr. Domenech cites three reasons he does not think it can happen:

First, becausepro-lifers are so plentiful in America, no one accepts that an obvious nutlike Dear is an accurate representation of how they behave. Only PlannedParenthood and its true believers think like this, and it\’s one of thereasons their public relations efforts have in recent years performed sopoorly. The fact that the officer killed, Garrett Swasey, was a pro-lifeChristian pastor who died attempting to defend people hedisagreed with on the issue of abortion also complicates matters (listen to his last sermon here).

Second, much like thehard case to be made against the National Rifle Association (still more popularthan Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) in the wake of a shooting like this, noone believes that the NRA is in favor of mass shootings any more than theybelieve that the National Right to Life Committee is in favor of attackingabortion clinics. These organizations and the politicians who agree with themcondemn such attacks, and loudly. They hate crazy people who hurt theirpolitical cause more than anyone else. For those who have been talking aboutmoderate Muslims until they turn blue in the face, depicting the pro-lifecommunity as one giant radicalized group of Robert Lewis Dears is absurd. Thepro-lifers praying and swaying and holding their placards are as responsiblefor this shooting as the Beatles were for Charles Manson\’s violence, and mostpeople know it.

And third – and thisis where things get Alanis Morrissette chaotic Paladin-level ironic – thisframe will not work because the media was so successful at squashing the verystory they now cite as the source of Dear\’s rage: the series of undercovervideos, which have depicted behind-the-scenes activities and conversations atPlanned Parenthood facilities across the country and with their top rankingofficials, showing them engaging in legally questionable and ethically vilebehavior, even to the point of negotiating the sale of baby parts for profit.

I\’m a little iffy on Mr. Domenech\’s idea that few people believe dear represents the pro-life movement and “no one” believes the NRA is in favor of mass shootings.  There are a lot of looney-tunes on both sides of the fence, including a good many on the left who not only would believe both premises, but would be thrilled to use them as propaganda for their cause.
But his third point?  That one I love.  Yes, the “baby parts” line came right out of those videos, which were created by something called the Center for Medical Progress – which mainstream media have moved heaven and earth to suppress, so that the average citizen will “know” that they are BS without ever seeing for themselves.
I award Ben Domenech Paragraphs Of The Day honors for making his case so articulately…and because his analysis, mosty, is right on target.
Oh, one other thing:  I suggest that if you happen to come across a one of the Planned Parenthoodwinked, who tell you that the “baby parts” claim is nothing more the ravings of a crazy man, ask that person if he/she knows how much Planned Parenthood charges for a heart, or lung, or liver.  Then TELL that person the amount, and offer to show the video in which one of the organization\’s executives quotes the prices you are talking about.
You won\’t have a happy conversation partner.  But at least you will have tried to get him/her to deal with reality.

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