Today’s paragraphs come to us from the excellent compilation/analysis of “Trumpgate”-related facts written by Attorney John D. O’Connor, for

Mr. O’Connor blows the farcical claim that the FBI was acting as an independent, neutral entity rather than a deep-state conduit for overthrowing the Trump administration out of the water.  And then some.  In the course of doing so, he suggests that, when no evidence was there, informants fabricated it for the FBI to use.  And, if you use the link to read Mr. O’Connor’s piece, you will, I think, find it hard not to agree.

Here is its first, and final three, paragraphs:

In our nation’s worst governmental scandal, Watergate, the Federal Bureau of Investigation heroically kept widespread White House corruption from being concealed, eventually reviving important prosecutions. Sadly, in today’s increasingly convoluted moral universe, senior FBI officials, it now appears, have tried to artificially create serious “Russiagate” crimes, thereby becoming implicated in a scandal promising to be nastier than Watergate. Congress presently awaits DOJ documents which may or may not confirm what presently seem reasonable inferences of such FBI wrongdoing.

The dearth of evidence gained by the FISA surveillance appears confirmed by the reliance of Comey thereafter on nothing other than the jejune Papadopoulos comment and the absurd Steele Dossier. In spite of its use of informants and an improperly gained FISA warrant, it appears that no viable electoral collusion evidence was obtained, and this entire country-disrupting investigation has been based on manufactured pseudo-evidence.

At bottom, this scandal reveals the endemic political corruption at the top of the storied, politically independent FBI. It was not, as in Watergate, trying to protect the FBI and the public from a politicized, whitewashed investigation, but, rather, trying to foist a false, politicized scandal on the country. Watergate roiled the country because of seemingly bad actions by the administration in power. Russiagate, now becoming Spygate, has enflamed the country because of false claims against the administration occupying the White House.

Key FBI documents can prove or disprove these reasonable, but not conclusive, inferences presently available from evidence and reports. We hope that, whatever these documents show, the country will unite in denouncing any proven fabrication by the FBI of a false scandal.

My only disagreement with this assessment is Mr. O’Connor’s contention that this promises to be a scandal nastier than Watergate.  In my opinion, it already is nastier than Watergate and promises to be still “nastier”, by multiples.

John D. O’Connor, whose claim to fame is that he unmasked Mark Felt as Watergate’s “Deep Throat”, wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for putting together these facts in a way that mainstream media, it its thoroughly partisan, compromised state, could have done for over a year…but, with precious few exceptions, did not – because its “journalists” wanted the same result as the deep-staters.

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