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Today’s paragraphs come to us from George Neumayr, writing for Americam Spectator (

In his latest commentary, Mr. Neumayr deconstructs and reassembles former FBI director james comey with surgical precision…and extreme, fully deserved, prejudice.

Here, see for yourself:

The picture that emerges of Jim Comey from the Inspector General’s report is one of an astonishingly arrogant weirdo, an FBI director who pompously talked about “norms” while shattering them on his own say-so — from crowning himself the de facto attorney general, thereby sparing Hillary an indictment, to lesser offenses of self-indulgence, such as his richly ironic use of Gmail to conduct official business. Anyone who goes to the trouble of slogging through this mountainous report will wonder how such an unreliable and self-deluded flake could hold any position at the FBI, let alone serve as the chief witness in Mueller’s investigation of a sitting president.

Just read through the section on Comey’s weird interactions with Loretta Lynch and his untrustworthiness as a witness becomes obvious: he can’t give a clear account of a conversation to save his life. His flakiness is so blatant one wonders if the judicial system should throw out every case he ever touched. He appears in the report at times almost pitiful, claiming that he didn’t know Huma Abedin was married to Anthony Weiner. That fact somehow eluded America’s top cop, but then again Comey is “still” not sure if Hillary Clinton paid for Christopher Steele’s dossier.

In keeping with his comic superiority complex, Comey has pronounced himself generally pleased with the report, giving Horowitz a pat on the head in the New York Times for his “professionalism.” Sure, he has his disagreements with him, but, hey, we are all in this voyage of self-discovery together — that’s the ludicrous tone Comey affects. Any other law enforcement figure would hide his head in shame after the release of a report that shows his agency to be a corrupt clown show; Comey uses it to talk about his own rectitude and give a lecture about how all “our leaders need to understand that accountability and transparency are essential to the functioning of our democracy, even when it involves criticism.” He caused a partisan pile-up of historic proportions at the FBI, yet strolls up to the scene like an innocent bystander wondering what others might “learn” from the crash.

That Comey can talk so breezily about the wreckage at the FBI speaks to the depth of his sense of entitlement and the protection he enjoys from the media and official Washington. 

Bingo.  George Neumayr hits the nail dead on the head…which is why he wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors.

Now, when do the usual suspects in mainstream media read the same report, and educate their viewers/readers/listeners about the same realities that Mr. Neumayr did? Ever?

The answer, based on years of observation, is never. Which is why fewer and fewer people trust anything that comes from them.

Credibility-wise, they have dug their own graves.  And they’re still busily digging.


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