Today’s quote comes to us from Andrew McCarthy; a former federal prosecutor and, currently, one of the better political analysts out there – especially when it comes to uncovering the beyond-scandalous deep-state effort to take down Donald Trump, both before and after he became President of the United States.

Mr. McCarthy has no illusions about the illegal spying conducted on Mr. Trump’s campaign.  You can read why in his latest commentary for National Review…and it will appall you.

During his interview, last night, on Mark Levin’s Fox News Channel show, Mr. McCarthy addressed the incredibly asinine “issue”, foisted on us by some of our mostly-compromised mainstream media, of whether the plant(s) – there may have been more than one – in Trump’s campaign were “spies” or “informants”.

Here, pulled from Scott Johnson’s article for, is Andrew McCarthy’s response:

 “The back and forth about whether it was a spy or an informant is beside the point….They’re government-controlled covert operatives who you send in to get information regardless of what you call them and the important thing always is why you sent them in, not what you call them…”

Exactly right. You’d have to be either a complete dumbbell and/or a complete partisan to buy that crap.  (Sadly, a good many people are both).

Andrew McCarthy wins Quote Of The Day honors for taking this imbecilic “distinction” and blowing it 100 miles out of the water.  Where it should be.

One other thing:  in Scott Johnson’s article, he notes that NBC News’ Meet The Press Host, Chuck Todd, referred to the spy scandal as “a b.s. story that is going to go away in five days.”

Todd’s wishful thinking (which, no doubt, is shared by a great many of his media cohorts) notwithstanding, is dead wrong. In fact, it is already dead wrong.

This issue is real.  It is devastatingly scandalous.  And it is not going away any time soon.

The only thing Chuck Todd’s ridiculous comment accomplishes is to remind us, again, of what a lightweight partisan joke he is.

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