Today’s paragraphs come to us from Daniel Greenfield who writes both for and his own website,

Mr. Greenfield thinks he understands why Democrat prospects for the midterm elections – which once included winning the house as a foregone conclusion and possibly even a long-shot win of the senate as well – have all but disappeared.

Here, from his latest commentary, is Greenfield’s reasoning:

While the Republicans talked about the economy, the Democrats turned over their messaging to CNN, the Washington Post and the rest of the #resistance. While the media tethered its news cycle to Stormy Daniels and her lawyer, the economy boomed and tax cuts delivered. The Democrats went into spring with a solid advantage on the midterm ballot. Then the GOP broke even and has now taken the lead. 

CNN thinks that the Stormy Daniels sleazefest matters, but even a majority of Democrats disagree. 

The politics of personal destruction are deeply compelling to people who already believe that their opponents are utterly deplorable and must be destroyed. These days that’s the entire media and most of the beautiful people in the blue states who have the cultural influence and the real power. That’s why the media is a non-stop roll of interviews with Stormy’s lawyer, flowcharts of Russian conspiracy theories and breaking news reports claiming that EPA administrator Scott Pruitt eats stale bagels. 

In ’16, the media made the unwise decision to ignore everything except the big blue urban and suburban bubble. In ’18, it’s back to pandering to its bubble and ignoring the rest of the country. 

Because the rest of the country doesn’t share its obsession with destroying President Trump.

Regular readers of this blog may find familiar territory here.  Mr. Greenfield’s point that “it’s the economy, stupid” will almost certainly, er, “Trump” stormy daniels and unevidenced claims of Russian collusion, is something I’ve been blogging about for months.

In fact, our agreement on this point is why Daniel Greenfield wins today’s “Paragraphs Of The Day” honors.

That said, is there any guarantee democrats will continue on their current path?  No, of course not.  They certainly have the capacity to rethink, readjust and restrategize.

But their problem is that a revised strategy that is economy-based may play right into Republicans’ hands.

What are their choices?  To claim that our booming economy, complete with the tax breaks passed last December, is due to Barack Obama?  Or that the economy, with its rising GDP and record-low unemployment, is in worse shape than when Mr. Trump took office?

Would you want to be the strategist trying to sell either of those messages?

Democrats have a real problem here.  One that neither stormy daniels nor bob mueller’s feckless witch hunt are going to resolve.

The harsh reality is that, as we have discussed here several times in the past, to improve their prospects Democrats need a disaster; maybe more than one.

They need a sudden downturn in the economy, and/or an international catastrophe they can blame on Trump, to turn things back their way.

How sad that things have gotten to the point where the worse things are for the USA, the better they are for Democrats.

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