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Mr. Hunter is – justifiably – outraged by the apparent fact that the actions of eric schneiderman – the New York State Attorney General who resigned in disgrace just hours after women came forward with their allegations of his violent sexual behavior and threats to their well being – were apparently well known to New York politicians and media personalities.

In his latest commentary, Hunter cites both schneiderman and harvey weinstein in this regard.

Here are some (not all) of the key paragraphs:

Harvey Weinstein wasn’t hanging out with and donating to Republicans, and disgraced former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman wasn’t the type to roll with his political opponents. No, both were creatures of, and stars in the world of progressive liberal politics.

Moreover, they were celebrities in New York City’s liberal social circles, the same circles of power and money the media elite call home. So how was it that both men, and many other like them, were able to operate, able to be commit their abuses against women, right under the noses of people whose jobs it is to report on such things?

So how did no one notice? How did none of them at least hear stories, rumors about the perversions of these men?

In the case of Weinstein, everyone did. After he was exposed, the stories about having heard stories became commonplace, with many careers in Hollywood being impacted through silence.

The Schneiderman case is still fresh, reports of circulating rumors have yet to be discovered. But that passage from Farrow about him being “too valuable a politician for the Democrats to lose,” leaves little doubt that such knowledge was had. That sentiment does not occur in a vacuum.

If you use the link I’ve provided above, you will find that Mr. Hunter also makes mention – as he should – of Ronan Farrow’s excellent exposé of schneiderman…and his own forthcoming new book about liberal (he means left wing) serial canoodling with mainstream media.

Derek Hunter wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for showing us what, dishearteningly, too many people still don’t realize:  our mainstream media is predominantly compromised of/partisan in favor of the left, and they “report” accordingly.

Left wing icons are taken down only when there is no way to avoid doing so.

And sometimes – Hillary Clinton immediately comes to mind – even with so much evidence, over so many years, especially during the 2016 presidential election, that it would seem impossible for them to ignore it. ..they do anyway.

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  • Hillary will always be known as the first woman to run for president after fixing her party’s primary.

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