Today’s paragraphs come to us from Kevin McCullough, writing for  They are from his angry, blunt commentary, titled, The Stupidity of the “March For Our Lives” – which should give you a reasonably clear idea of where he stands on Saturday’s event.

Here is the beginning of Mr. McCullough’s article:

It was more irritating than anything else.

The virtue signaling over one’s disagreement with “A March For Our Lives” reached fever pitch with the culmination of Saturday’s event.

Yet a trend across social media seemed to be playing out. If someone criticized David Hogg, Alex Wind, or Emma Gonzales there was an immediate lashing out in response. These teens and two of their comrades appear on this week’s cover of TIME magazine. Two weeks ago they traveled to Dubai to be part of an international symposium on education. They have sucked up nearly every available second of possible air time on CNN & MSNBC (while obviously avoiding actual journalism.) They’ve also had ample amounts of cash and exposure thrown their way.

Saturday’s march was to be the pinnacle of this outrage movement that has largely been propped up by false pretense.

These young people—immediately thrown into one of the most manipulated controversies of our time—are angry, opportunistic and—just a month after their classmates were needlessly lost—now instant celebrities.

Even though they have little more than a junior high level of education under their belt. The political left, driven by a leftist media, and financed by uber-rich and hard-left celebrities are willing to use them, and to continue to use them to advance their socialist utopia ideals. (One of the primary ideas of which has always included disarming the masses.)

Even though first year grad school students have literally multiple times the actual knowledge on the issues pertaining to the social science of guns, their effects, and the good and bad attributed to their owners, the lazy media continue to treat these five kids as though they have PHD’s.

If anyone questions it, the virtue signaling begins.

As I pointed out earlier, McCullough is angry and he is blunt.  He also, in my opinion, goes overboard by adding in that line about “socialist utopia ideals” – whether I agree or disagree with how they think it can be accomplished, wanting to make schools safer is not “socialist”; I doubt these media-anointed teen icons could define the word “socialist”, let alone advocate for it.

That aside, however, Kevin McCullough, in my opinion, is spot-on in his description of how the left – including so much of what passes for mainstream media these days, has manipulated and used these teens.  That is why he wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors.

One other thing:  remember that “Women’s March”, which drew so many more people to DC than this one?  Other than famous celebrities, how many people do you think can name even one of the “activists” involved with it today?

That’s something for hogg, Gonzalez, etc. to think about…if their current celebrity status gives them time to do so, that is.

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