Today’s paragraphs come to us from Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese-born conservative activist/journalist who, along with her family, was the victim of Middle East violence as a child.

In her latest commentary, at, Ms. Gabriel explains the Israeli and Palestinian Arab sides of the United States decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem:

On one side, a Western democracy, with a desire to live in peace with those around them. On the other, a culture of hatred and violence, stopping at nothing to see its enemies destroyed. It’s a difference between civilization and barbarism. 

That reality was revealed after President Trump courageously announced the official recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, and a bold new Embassy to be moved from Tel-Aviv. 

The reaction? Predictable.

The terrorist organization Hamas, as well other Palestinian factions such as the Palestinian Authority, President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party called for a “Day of Rage.”

“The youth and the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank need to respondwith all means available to the U.S. decision that harms our Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a red line and the resistance will not allow any desecration of it,” it added.

Western cultures believe in diplomacy and exchanging ideas as the first means of resolving conflicts. Radical Islamic culture believes in violence first, diplomacy never.

I don’t agree with everything in Ms. Gabriel’s commentary.  Particularly, I don’t agree with her tendency (not shown here) to generalize about Islam/not distinguish between radical and non-radical Muslims (and, despite what some people may think, that difference absolutely exists).

But, on what I have posted above, she is right on target…which is why she wins today’s Paragraphs Of The Day honors.

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  • Why is it required that everyone add a disclaimer to what they say just because a minority of muslims are semi-moderate?

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