Today’s paragraphs come to us from Wesley Pruden, writing for the Washington Times.

Mr. Pruden, impatient for something meaningful from the Mueller investigation Star Chamber but , eight months in, still waiting,  serves up this culinary metaphor:

The conspiracy theorists are hungry, and Robert Mueller owes them dinner. His pantry is apparently barren of groceries, and he has spent nearly $7 million of the grocery money. So far he has only served up a cheese plate. We deserve a little red meat soon.

Ham, ram, lamb, bull, beef or bear, just something raw and red. Indicting Paul Manafort satisfied growling tummies for a brief season. So why not indict him again? But you have to wonder what all those K Street lawyers are doing with their time at $500 an hour.

Mr. Mueller, whose neck is getting warm from the hot breath of impatient skeptics, is expected to repeat a few indictments soon, “brought back by popular demand,” intended to “grind down” Mr. Manafort and one or two others indicted earlier. Everyone expected the heavy artillery that Mr. Mueller is said to be a master of, and so far his regiment of sharpshooters has marched up to the creek to attack only a few muddy beer bottles with BB guns.

This reminds me of that classic TV ad for Wendy’s, where the elderly lady (played beautifully by then-82 year old Clara Peller) gets a competitor’s burger with a huge bun but little inside of it, and demands to know “where’s the beef?”.

Wesley Pruden wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for updating Ms. Peller’s demand and applying it so aptly to whatever Mueller and his team of Democrat partisans are doing these days.

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