Today’s paragraphs – and the are troubling ones – come to us from John Hinderaker, writing for

Mr. Hinderaker first references a law professor’s contention – 100% valid – that, the Trump administration has been forced to battle opposition embedded within the so-called “deep state”.

He then says:

Administrative employees are nominally subject to the control of those appointed by politicians who have won elections, but Democrats embedded in the federal bureaucracy have proclaimed themselves part of the “resistance” to President Trump, and are using their positions to undermine his administration. Bureaucrats thus frustrate the will of the voters. President Trump has been in office for nearly a year, and has yet to take control over the federal bureaucracy that nominally reports to him.

I agree with Professor Barnett that this is a constitutional crisis. The most powerful branch of today’s government is the Fourth: the permanent federal bureaucracy that is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution. The Trump administration can best be viewed, perhaps, as a struggle to the death between American voters and the federal employees who are paid to serve them.

John Hinderaker wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for saying what I, and, I am certain, a great many of you, have been thinking, clearly and bluntly.

This is a situation that cannot hold.  And I don’t know that Donald Trump has the ability to do anything about it.  The last year suggests he does not.

Maybe next year…

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  • Ken, maybe Trump’s biggest accomplishments this year has set the stage for removing these people next year?
    With the msm refusal to report anything positive about Trump, I am certain most readers have no idea what I am referring to.
    Trump has been able to seat more federal judges than any other president in our lifetime. Maybe with the courts being more on the conservative side we can rid ourselves of these anti-American federal workers.

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