Today’s paragraphs come to us from long-time consumer advocate John Stossel.

Mr. Stossel has written a commentary that is critical of both the New York Times and President Trump – both of whom richly deserve the criticisms he makes.

But this particular part of his piece, at the end of his enumeration of godawful Times articles, particularly caught my eye:

But this week’s most disgusting feature was a nearly full-page “Style” section profile of black-clad Antifa thugs. The Times made them sound fashionable and fun as they punch people who aren’t looking for any physical fight, just spouting their beliefs.

The headline: “What to Wear to Smash the State.”

The Times explained what a stylish vandal wears: “Black work or military boots, pants, balaclavas or ski masks, gloves and jackets, North Face brand … makes it easier for saboteurs to take the offensive against storefronts…”

Gee, thanks, New York Times. I doubt that you’d be so enthusiastic about property destruction if the “saboteurs … take the offensive against” your storefront.

I read the New York Times every day.  But I rarely look at style-related material and did not see this.

It is not only ugly, it is actually depraved.  Would The Times do a similarly warm, fuzzy piece if Zara, a clothing/accessory chain famous for putting out nazi-like material, offered a stylish line of swastika-wear?  Based on what they did with “antifa-wear”, maybe the answer is yes.

I award John Stossel Paragraphs Of The Day honors for bringing this to my (and, through this blog, your) attention.

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