Today’s paragraphs come to us from Michael Goodwin, writing for the New York Post.

Mr. Goodwin thinks he sees an ulterior motive – beyond selling books – for  Donna Brazile’s newly released, explosively controversial tell-all about the 2016 presidential election:

To say the Clinton camp is furious at what they regard as betrayal doesn’t do justice to their outrage. They are attacking Brazile personally, accusing her of telling outright lies just to sell books.

Which is mighty rich when you consider the history of the Clintons.

Still, you can’t blame their distress because the stakes are huge. If it sticks, Brazile’s searing indictment of Hillary’s persona, ethics and political skills could prove fatal to her hopes for a 2020 comeback.

In fact, I believe that is the ultimate point of the book: to clear the Democratic decks for desperately needed new leadership and messages.

Is that what it is?  Is this book primarily an effort to force Hillary Clinton to just shut up and go away?  One which, quite probably, is supported by a good many other Democrats (the way a good many Republicans support dumping Roy Moore as a senate candidate in Alabama)?

Until now, I thought of Ms. Brazile’s book as a potential money-maker for her and a way of cleansing herself of last year’s ugly campaign.  Michael Goodwin has given us a different angle, one which makes a great deal of sense – not only in its supposition, but in what the Democrat Party has to do to get back in the game…for which he wins today’s Paragraphs Of The Day honors.

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