Today’s paragraph, and it is a very short one – just one sentence long – comes to us from Paul Mirengoff, writing for  Its importance is not just the sentiment it expresses, but the four links (which I’ve put in bold print) – every one of which I suggest you go to, even if it is just to read the headline and remind yourself of what Mr. Mirengoff is talking about:

As we’ve seen in the past, Biden’s racism is never far below the surface.

Funny how much of our media, which never seem to have a problem accusing Donald Trump of racism (even on bogus grounds, like the “very fine people” BS which has been used, for three years, to tar him as a White supremacist and nazi sympathizer) seem so reticent to point out the racially tinged comments voiced by Joe Biden

Do I think Joe Biden is a racist?

No, not a conscious one, who would intentionally call out various races/ethnicities in stereotypical terms.

But I do suspect that when Mr. Biden sees certain races/ethnicities, he associates them with stereotypes (i.e. Blacks are _______,  Jews are _________, Indians are ____________) – which is why, sometimes, those stereotypes rise to the surface and are blurted out.

In any event, Paul Mirengoff wins Paragraph Of The Day honors for reminding us of Joe Biden’s history of such comments.

But don’t expect to see his compilation in most mainstream media.  Wrong political party.

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