Today’s paragraph comes to us from an unbylined article about the Minneapolis riots published by WCCO, the CBS local affiliate:

John Harrington, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, said state leaders have intel that may point to agitators — including white supremacist groups and drug cartels — possibly playing a role in the anarchy.

Oh, I see.

Say, wasn’t this “protesters” railing against the death of George Floyd?  Isn’t that what most media have been assuring us of for the past four days?

Evidently, now that this lie isn’t working and there is no way to hide the carnage being visited upon Minneapolis as police are clearly under orders to allow it to happen, it’s time to shift the “plaintive cry for justice” narrative to “it’s those damn White supremacists”.

The left wing anarchists and street thugs are again protected.

Can an accusation of President Trump’s personal involvement be far behind? I doubt it.

I award WCCO Paragraph Of The Day honors for bringing john harrington’s pathetic attempt at deflection to our attention.  And my deepest dishonorable mention to harrington for the pathetic attempt at deflection.

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