Today’s paragraph comes to us from Scott Johnson, writing for  Here is the start of his latest commentary, which – deservedly, to say the least – takes apart the execrable adam schiff:

The House impeachment managers have wound up their case for the removal of President Trump from office. With lead impeachment manager Adam Schiff, Dems got the man they deserved. For those of us who followed the rise and fall of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, Schiff must be the most notorious liar of the United States. He is certainly the most notorious liar to be celebrated by the mainstream media. We don’t need no stinkin’ fact-checkers to understand that Schiff will say and do anything — has said and done anything — to promote the destroy Trump.

Absolutely correct.

Though I think he left off a word or two at the end, Scott Johnson wins Quote Of The Day honors because he has so accurately called out adam schiff for what he is…and for supplying us the link to a partial compilation of the lies schiff has told (which I’ve put in bold print).

The fact that Democrats, and their media sycophants, are extolling the performance of this amoral serial liar tells us volumes about both groups.

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  • Amen Brother. I hope the Republican response and SERVICE is thorough and defensive for our American President D.J.TRump!

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