On Tuesday, I blogged about Brent Bozell and Tim Graham’s article, which featured a Media Research Center (MRC) analysis, showing that, from September 24 to then, 96% of the major network (CBS, NBC, ABC) news coverage devoted to President Trump was negative.

That is a virtual blackout of anything positive, including (but certainly not limited to) the administration’s defense against the ludicrous “impeachment inquiry”, which blew up in Democrats’ faces yesterday.

But there is more.  A lot more.  The article also contained a partial list of news they could have reported on, but which got almost no coverage at all.

At that time, in fairness to MRC, I left out the specifics – so that you might be intrigued enough to use the link I provided and read their entire article.

But now, it is two days later.  So I feel less constrained.  So here is one of them:

■ Silent on Economic Success: Despite record highs in the stock market and a fifty-year low in the unemployment rate, the President’s handling of the economy was given a stingy 4 minutes, 6 seconds of airtime during these six weeks, or less than one percent of all Trump administration news (645 minutes).

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, however much you might want him gone, would you agree that record-breaking economic data are newsworthy?  Probably of great interest to the people?

Well, you just read how “newsworthy” CBS, NBC and ABC decided it was.  Less than 1% of all coverage.

I award Paragraph Of The Day honors to Brent Bozell and Tim Graham for reminding us, with facts rather than opinions, just how completely biased, how completely comromised our major networks are – thus how ludicrous it is to think of them as neutral sources for news.

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  • Tim Pool did a youtube video on how if you watch msnbc you think the economy sucks and if you watch FOX News you think it is doing very well.

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