Today’s paragraph – a very short one, as you will see – comes to us from Sydney Ember and Katie Glueck’s article for the new york times, which reports on how Joe Biden is dealing with charges that he used his position as Vice President to make his troubled (to say the least) son, Hunter, a rich man:

No evidence has emerged that Mr. Biden intentionally acted to aid his son in his work in Ukraine.

There it is again.  The lie that there is no evidence Biden used his position to cover for his son.

How many times do I have to post the fact that there is a video of Joe Biden bragging that he threatened to withhold $1 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor investigating his son’s dealings with the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, was fired?

Do you want to see it again (though, by now regular readers probably memorized it)?  OK, just in case:

Does that look like evidence that “Mr. Biden intentionally acted to aid his son” to you?  Because it sure does to me.

But since when to overt, easily checkable facts mean a thing to former newspapers/now propaganda rags like the new york times?

For well over two years we have been told that President Trump called nazis and White supremacists “very fine people”, when the transcript of what he actually said shows, with crystal clarity, that he did not.

And even after a two year investigation by Robert Mueller’s all-Democrat staff turned up no collusion with Russia and insufficient evidence to pursue even one obstruction of justice charge, we’re still hearing, almost daily, that he did both.

So why not toss in Joe Biden’s innocence in the face of a damning video tape that proves the exact opposite?

I award Sydney Ember, and Katie Glueck Paragraph Of The Day “honors” for reminding us that, for today’s new york times, publishing easily debunked, partisan political garbage is just another day at the office.

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