Today’s paragraph comes to us from Jazz Shaw, writing for

Mr. Shaw does not think Elizabeth Warren is an especially exciting presidential candidate.  Here, from his latest commentary, is how he puts it:

You’re not going to see Elizabeth Warren delivering anything like Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can” speech in New Hampshire back in 2008. Warren always comes across as if she’s lecturing you about not eating enough vegetables. The main difference is that she’ll propose to fix that issue by having the government force-feed you peas. Perhaps she’ll surprise me, but honestly, much like Kirsten Gillibrand, I’m just not seeing this campaign going anywhere.

Jazz Show wins Paragraph Of The Day honors for nailing Elizabeth Warren’s, er, charisma level just about perfectly.  I read that description wished I had written it.  In fact, I’m smiling about it as I tell you this.

Well said, Mr. Shaw.  Excellent.

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