Today’s paragraph comes to us from John Hinderaker, writing at  It concerns the horrific slaughter of Jewish worshipers at the Tree Of Life Synogogue in Pittsburgh (the names of victims, including the 11 dead, will be released later this morning):

What I don’t understand is, why is Robert Bowers still alive? He killed eleven people and engaged in a shootout with police officers, wounding four of them. He obviously was using deadly force, and the police were fully justified in applying deadly force in response. If they had simply kept firing until there was zero chance of his remaining a danger, we wouldn’t have to worry about a criminal prosecution, and Bowers wouldn’t be given a megaphone to make his twisted views public for years to come.

It probably won’t surprise you to know that I am an opinionated person.  But, reading this paragraph, I have to admit I’m not at all sure of whether I agree or disagree with it.

I assume that decent people everywhere will see robert bowers as a depraved, hate-consumed mass murderer.  But, disheartening as it is to concede, there are others – very few, I hope – who believe the only good Jew is a dead Jew, consider bowers a hero, and eagerly await every statement that he is likely to make about what a service he has performed for humanity.

I award John Hinderaker Paragraph Of The Day honors because he is forcing me to waver between rejecting the police shooting robert bowers dead if it could be avoided (which, since he is alive, was obviously the case) and wishing his bullet-riddled body was carted from that synagogue in a garbage bag, transported to the nearest landfill, and dumped in the section where they pile animal waste.

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