Today’s paragraph comes to us from John Hinderaker, writing for

Mr. Hinderaker is, to say the least, less than taken with mainstream media doing its level best to make a major scandal from the allegations of Stephanie Clifford, a faded porn star who worked under the name Stormy Daniels, that she had sex with Donald Trump 12 years ago.

(Let’s remember that these are the same media which cannot find any scandal at all in Hillary Clinton’s emails or the Uranium one giveaway to Russia that netted the Clinton Foundation over $100 million dollars.)

In any event, here, from his latest commentary, is what Mr. Hinderaker thinks is the underlying reason for building up this supposed liaison:

“The left-wing press is working overtime today to make the 12-year-old Stormy Daniels story into news. Why? I don’t think the answer is hard to find. President Trump’s administration, so far, has been remarkably successful. At home, the rate of economic growth has doubled, millions more are employed, wages are rising, the stock market is soaring, moribund industries are coming back to life. Abroad, American interests are being asserted; NATO allies have increased their contributions to mutual defense; the administration is standing up to Russia and China; after many years of inaction, the menace of North Korea is being confronted; and so on. The Democratic Party is trying to distract voters from these accomplishments with irrelevant stories about a former porn star.”

Is John Hinderaker correct?  Let’s think about this.

-On the one hand, it is a legitimate story if Donald Trump, through his lawyer, paid off a porn star to shut her up.

-On the other hand, is it a major scandal?  Compared to what?  The ones mentioned earlier, which media have buried?

With the above in mind, and given the list of accomplishments enumerated by John Hinderaker, most of which I agree with, I’d say Hinderaker makes a very strong point…which is why I award Mr. Hinderaker Paragraph Of The Day honors.

Now, about Uranium One……

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  • Dear Ms. Storm,

    Did you also have sex with Bill Clinton ?

    Where did you post a list of Men, Women and Furry Creatures that you have been intimate with ?

    Why do you think anyone, besides bitter, partisan Democrats, would have any interest in your sexual partners from 12 years ago.

    By the way, questions of more recent events:
    Do you pee on hotel beds in Russia ?
    Can you (or Mr. Steele) provide a dossier to confirm this ?

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