Today’s paragraph – and you won’t need me to explain why it wins Paragraph Of The Day honors – comes to us from Ed Morrissey’s latest piece at

Let’s not forget an important point about this probe. For years, the private server was located in and run from Hillary Clinton’s private residence — the one she shares with Bill Clinton. He’s not just the spouse of a person at the center of an FBI probe, he’s potentially a material witness. A prosecutor certainly has the right (and perhaps even the responsibility) to meet with potential witnesses before making a decision on whether to take a case to court, but to meet socially with a potential material witness related to a potential defendant on the cusp of making that decision calls Lynch’s integrity into serious question — or at the very least, her judgment.

Bill Clinton would have had full access to those emails?  Of course he would have.  It’s the personal server at the Clinton household.

Thanks Ed.  Great point.  One I doubt you’ll see many other places – certainly not the major networks.

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