Today’s Paragraph Of The Day comes to us from Ed Lasky, whose web site,, has been very useful and informative to me over the years.

Mr. Lasky has written a commentary titled “Obama wants to turn America against Israel.”  It is very detailed, very factual, and, therefore, very worth your while to read – which you can do by clicking here.

But, though there certainly was competition, I thought one paragraph was especially salient.  Here it is:

The Democratic Party has been moving away from support for Israel for years. This has been proven by poll after poll regarding the party affiliation of those who sympathize and support Israel. There was a visual manifestation of this reality three years ago. During the 2012 Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama had maneuvered through his minions to remove from the plank longstanding support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Reacting to criticism from the Republican Party, efforts were made to restore the language. Pandemonium ensued, since many delegates objected to the restoration, and made their anger known. Other changes were made that escaped the radar screen but signaled diminished support for Israel by Democrats. However, Obama is acting as an accelerant; as president he has demanded all Democrats support his anti-Israel policies, pulling them farther away from supporting America’s one true ally in the region as he has led the liberal breakup with Israel. Will Democrats continue to be AWOL when it comes to defending Israel from their president?

That is a very accurate premise – one I have written about many times, complete with the polling data to back it up.

It is why I so often blog, with increasing wonderment, about the “Lost Tribe” – i.e. supporters of Israel, both Jewish and non-Jewish, who still support Barack Obama anyway. While their numbers have dwindled over the years, there remains a core group, who are determined never to deviate from their commitment to Mr. Obama, no matter what he does – right up to and including the soon-to-be-consummated “deal” with Iran which will severely compromise Israel’s security (as well as its Arab neighbors, most notably Saudi Arabia, which is why Israel suddenly finds itself in an improbable alliance of circumstance with them).

I award Ed Lasky Paragraph Of The Day honors, for laying it out so bluntly and so well.


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