The Trump-hating media are trying desperately to make a big deal out of the indictment of George Papadopoulos, a low-ranking Trump adviser who lied to the FBI about his involvement with Russian operatives.

Here is what a breathless Chris Cillizza at CNN is reporting:

This paragraph from the FBI’s guilty plea agreement with Papadopoulos is incredible:

“In truth and in fact, however, and as set forth above, defendant PAPADOPOULOS met the Professor for the first time on or about March 14, 2016, after defendant PAPADOPOULOS had already learned he would be a foreign policy advisor for the Campaign; the Professor showed interest in defendant PAPADOPOULOS only after learning of his role on the Campaign; and the Professor told defendant PAPADOPOULOS about the Russians possessing” dirt” on then-candidate Clinton in late April 2016, more than a month after defendant PAPADOPOULOS had joined the Campaign.” 
So, Papadopoulos copped to lying to the FBI about the timing of his contacts with Russians. In his initial interview in January 2017, Papadopoulos was insistent that he had reached out to his foreign contact “The Professor” (amazing!) before he had formally joined the Trump presidential campaign. He was arrested in July, pleaded guilty in October and appears to have been cooperating in between.
And, most importantly the “Professor” only showed interest in Papadopoulos after it became known that he was employed by the Trump campaign.
That. Is. A. Very. Big. Deal.

Is it, Chris?  Incredible?  A. Very. Big. Deal?  Really?

If so, then please show me the part where Donald Trump himself was in any way involved in Papadopoulos’s efforts.

Then please show me the part where Donald Trump in any way asked him to do this or asked him to lie about it.

Then please show me the part where Papadopoulos actually accomplished a thing he appeared to be trying to do.

You can’t, can you Chris?  Because it isn’t there, is it?

That. Is. A. Very. Big. Nothingburger.

And you, along with your network, are a thoroughly compromised, ridiculous partisan.

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