For whomever of you are still interested in the Oscars, here are my admittedly limited observations:

Best Picture:

Of the ones we’ve seen, I’d have to give it to Green Book.

Roma is getting a lot of buzz but, to be honest, I thought it was nothing more than an interesting, reasonably well put together movie.   I have no idea why it would be oscar-worthy.

I thought Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star Is Born were both excellent – especially Bohemian Rhapsody.  But based on the critics’ reviews, I doubt either of them are in the running.

We have yet to see BlacKkKlansman, though, and everyone we know who has says it’s terrific.

That said, I would not be shocked if Hollywood, in its Trump-hating furor, utterly shamed itself by giving it to the repulsive, hate-saturated  Vice.

Best Director:

No idea.  We saw three of the five movies (The Favourite, Roma and Vice) and nothing particularly stood out in the positive.

Based entirely on hearsay about BlacKkKlansman, I’m sort of hoping Spike Lee wins.

Best Actor:

I would love to see Rami Malek win for his portrayal of Freddy Mercury, which was so spot-on it was almost eerie.  And I wouldn’t at all mind if Viggo Mortensen snuck in for Green Book – he was great.

But if I were placing a bet it would be for Christian Bale’s amazing portrayal of Dick Cheney; a dead ringer.  I thought the movie was garbage and I definitely could live without Bale’s political attitudes, but we’re talking acting here and nothing else, right?

Best Actress:

Give it to Glenn Close for The Wife.  It’s true that she is owed one by now/it’s long overdue, but that’s not why I think she should win.  It’s because she played her part to near perfection.

Best Supporting Actor:

Mahershala Ali.  Yes, he’s a young man and already has one Oscar under his belt, but Mr. Ali’s performance in Green Book deserves a twin brother on his mantle.

Best Supporting Actress:

I like Regina King in If Beale Street Could Talk.  Not a great movie, but a stellar performance.

One other thing:  If every one of my picks/wishes comes in, you probably will hear complaints that the oscars were being “given” to minorities this year.

Please be assured, that is not why I picked any of these people. I work strictly on merit.

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll know.

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