I wish I could write something meaningful about bruce ohr’s testimony, yesterday, to the House Oversight Committee.   But I can’t, because it was a closed-door session and, at least for now, we don’t know all the particulars.

But we do have these comments from members of the committee, as reported in Adam Shaw’s article for Fox News:

“The fundamentals don’t change the fact that a top Department of Justice official’s wife is working for the firm the Clintons hired to put together the dossier and the FBI uses that dossier that they’re getting from Bruce Ohr … to then go get the warrant to spy on the Trump campaign,” (Rep. Jim) Jordan said. “So that’s a big concern, who at the DOJ knew that?”

About two hours into the session, Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., came out and told reporters that the FBI knew there were “credibility” issues surrounding the dossier before it was used to secure the first FISA warrant on Page in October 2016. Meadows said Ohr had never acted or handled evidence in this way before. 

Text messages obtained and reviewed by Fox News show that Steele also tried to use Ohr as a go-between with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“We are frustrated with how long this reengagement with the Bureau and Mueller is taking,” Steele wrote to Ohr. “Anything you could do to accelerate the process would be much appreciated.”

Months later, Ohr confirmed to Steele that he had passed along his questions to Mueller’s team. The Republican-led House Intelligence Committee found that Steele effectively used Ohr as a back channel for communications after his termination.

It seems eminently clear that the bruce/nellie ohr tandem worked – with a good many others, such as strzok, page, mccabe, comey, etc. – as a deep-state team to undermine/overthrow the legally elected President of the United States.

Did ohr’s testimony shed light on the how and what of this effort?  We don’t know…yet.  I hope we do very soon.

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