Ken Berwitz

Can this be true?  Has the Obama administration allowed over 1,500 people with overt terrorist ties, into the United States – with more to come?

If your response is “That couldn\’t be true, I watch the network news every night and didn\’t see a thing about it” you can stop reading now.  You\’re assumption that network news – or, more generally, mainstream media – gives you all the real news without selectively picking and choosing what you are told based on their partisanship, makes it unlikely this story will have any impact on you.

But, for everyone else, please read the beginning of Paul Mirengoff\’s latest piece at — and then, by all means, use the link I\’ve provided and read the rest as well:

Judicial Watch reports that the Obamaadministration has granted asylum or residency to 1,519 foreigners withterrorist ties. This information comes from an annual report to Congress by the UnitedStates Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

More than half of theterror supporters granted asylum or residency by Team Obama provided materialsupport to terrorist organizations, according to the USCIS report. Otherreceived military-type training from a terrorist organization (nine fall intothis category), voluntarily provided medical care to members of a terroristgroup, or solicited funds or recruited individuals for membership in aterrorist organization.

Nearly 200 of theterror supporters provided material support to “designated terrorist groups.” As Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller explains,designated terrorist groups are the most dangerous. They include groups likeHamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Why did theadministration allow 1,519 people tied to terrorism to remain in the U.S. withall the rights and benefits enjoyed by legal residents? It did so becauseObama\’s DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson, determined that the individuals in questionparticipated in pro-terrorist activities “while under duress.”

But how can Johnson besure of this? 

Are the people in this administration out of their minds?

Not content with leaving our borders open for millions of illegals from Mexico and who knows where else to stroll right in, head for a so-called “sanctuary city” and start collecting benefits, Obama & Co. is now formally granting people with terrorist backgrounds “asylum or residency”.  

What do you think the odds are that some – if not most – will pursue terrorist activity while they are here?  As Paul points out, if just one in 10 is not a victim of circumstance but a hardline terrorist, we have put 152 hardline terrorists into the country – with more to come.

How can this not be a story – a major story and major scandal – in mainstream media?  

Is it just that they are so partisan, so invested in their lord and savior Barack Obama, that they intend to withhold this information from us?  Or is it that, since Barack Obama and Jeh Johnson are both Black, they fear that someone like al sharpton or jesse jackson or a #blacklivesmatter “protester” will call them racist?

I can\’t put my finger on the exact date that  mainstream media, as a genre (with a good many exceptions, of course) degenerated into its current sorry state.  But I sure as hell know that\’s where they are now.  And their deliberate withholding of information like this not only shows them to be paid propagandists rather than journalists, it endangers our country.

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