Another year of NFL Football (we’ve started the pre-season) and another year of players doing their best to anger/turn off football fans and further deplete in-stadium attendance, TV/Cable ratings, and therefore the value of their product.

Last year, we were told that not standing for the National Anthem was not meant as a disrespect to the country, players were just taking a stand against oppression.

NFL players, averaging $2 million a year and with the potential of endorsements galore are an oppressed class, you see.

And the fact that demonstrating against oppression can be accomplished in countless ways at countless times, but the players in question specifically pick the playing of the National Anthem?  We’re supposed believe that’s just coincidence.

They must think the average NFL fan has an IQ somewhere in the mid 40’s.

Well, it’s their game.  If these players want to kill the NFL’ golden goose, and owners of the teams that surely will diminish in value because of it can’t stop them, that’s their business.

Personally, though never a glued-to-the-screen fan under the best of conditions, I watched much less football last year than I had in previous years.  And I’ll almost certainly watch less this year.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty of company.

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