Since it is obvious that the FBI “investigation” of Brett Kavanaugh will turn up nothing (because he already has been investigated a half-dozen times by the FBI and christine blasey ford’s accusaions have already been investigated by the Senate Judiciary Committee) it is now time for the next stall tactic.

Now Democrats are demanding an investigation into whether Brett Kavanaugh has committed perjury.

Perjury about what?  Something not already being investigated? But, then again, who cares?  It doesn’t matter.  It will stall the confirmation vote again, won’t it?.

From Peter Hasson’s article at

Still lacking corroborating evidence of disputed sexual misconduct accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, some Democrats now want Kavanaugh investigated for perjury in the latest iteration of their months-long campaign to derail his confirmation.

The perjury push comes as Democrats still lack corroborating evidence to support professor Christine Blasey Ford‘s claim that Kavanaugh tried to drunkenly force himself on her while the two were in high school.

Other than Ford, none of the alleged party attendees — including Ford’s longtime friend, Leland Keyser — have any recollection of the event happening. (RELATED: Rhode Island Man Apologizes For Claiming Kavanaugh Sexually Assaulted His Friend, Claims He ‘Made A Mistake’)

Two other Kavanaugh accusers similarly lack corroborating evidence for their claims.

Let’s review:

-Senator Diane Feinstein held the letter sent by christine blasey ford until after the hearings ended and every member of the committee, Feinstein included, had a full opportunity to ask about anything they cared to.

-Then ford demanded three extra days because she feared flying and wanted to get from California to D.C. by ground transporation – but a) she flew to D.C., thus intentionally holding her testimony up for those three days, b) it turned out that she regularly flies, and c) she claimed not to know the committee offered to meet with her in California so she didn’t have to travel at all.  This claim was made despite the fact that it was all over the newspapers, and that it requires us to believe neither her lawyer nor advisers mentioned it to her.  An obvious, overt lie.

-Then they demanded an FBI investigation of Kavanaugh to determine what actually happened – not ford, just Kavanaugh – despite the fact that it had already been investigated and that every person she mentioned as being at the “gathering” specifically stated they had no remembrance of what she was claiming.

-And now, how about a perjury investigation?

Hey, why stop there?  Why not investigate whether he ever crossed in the middle of the street or rode his bicycle on the sidewalk too?

If there is any justice at all, this should, and will, backfire on Democrats in next month’s mid-term elections…and Brett Kavanaugh will get some measure of satisfaction watching it happen from a seat on the United States Supreme Court.

But, much though I am rooting for these things to happen (in no small part because it might wake up the Democrats who still want to act responsibly and encourage them to take back their party), I’m not sure such justice is in the cards.

Five weeks until we find out.


  • The real question is:
    – – – – – – Can the Republicans get this story out to the voters, or will all the Dem screaming and lying prevail ?

    “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”
    Well, that biblical quotation is etched into the wall of the original CIA building’s main lobby. Maybe we should have the CIA also investigate. . . . . .

    – – – – – – And how about an investigation by NASA – – – – it could all be the fault of Space Aliens.

  • “You drank beer”?
    “Yes congressman I like beer”.
    “did you ever drink a lot of beer”?
    “Yes congressman I like beer”.
    “well I can’t vote for you and you should be charged with perjury”.

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