The New York Times has  gone off course, and published an article, written by Neil Irwin, which praises the economic progress under President Donald Trump.

Is there anything to praise?

Naahhh.  Only if you consider the lowest unemployment level in almost a half century, the lowest Black and Hispanic unemployment ever recorded, a 2.7% rise in wages and estimates of second quarter growth in the 4% – 5% range.

The fun part of this article is not so much what Mr. Erwin says per se, which, though wonderfully positive, is just informational.

The fun part is the comments section, in which  New York Times readers refuse to accept this extraordinarily good news as having anything to do with Donald Trump.

You have the link. Enjoy yourself by not only reading the article, but the delusional comments which contort reality for purposes of their desired schadenfreude – i.e.  to pretend the economic news is bad – or a concession that the news is good…but only because of Barack Obama, who has been out of office for a year and a half.

Have a ball.


  • I read the first page of the comments only 1 comment was not anti-Trump. It would seem the NYT’s has customers that agree with them.

  • “…Trump’s aggressive rollback of Obama’s top-down, high-tax, anti-business, pro-regulation policies has helped unleashed growth and hiring that has been suppressed for years. Some Democrats are trying to deny Trump credit by claiming that all that growth Obama told us was a thing of the past and all those jobs he assured us were never coming back are somehow the results of Obama’s policies that Trump merely inherited.”

    Mike Huckabee nails it.

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