Yesterday I blogged about an overtly anti-Semitic “cartoon” which appeared in Thursday’s edition of the International New York Times.

Here, from that blog, is what The Times published:

NYT CartoonThat is President Trump, wearing a yarmulke, blind, being led by a dog with Benjamin Netanyahu’s face, wearing a Jewish star.

Sick enough for you?

And now – after everyone saw and digested the cartoon, so it doesn’t mean a thing of course – The Times has issued an “apology”.

Here it is:View image on Twitter

I have a question.

Do you see any apology there?  Do you see the word apology anywhere in that statement?  Or do you see nothing other than an admission that publishing it was “an error of judgment” – something that might have been said about a perfectly accurate story that was published on an inopportune date?

Is this supposed to end the issue?  Settle things?

Sadly, for “Lost Tribers” – i.e. the Jews and non-Jews who can figure out a rationale to look the other way, even for  an overtly anti-Semitic piece of filth like this, if it emanates from a dutifully liberal/left source – it probably does.

But not for me.  And, I hope, not for you.

The only thing this settles is to show, once again, what contempt the New York Times has for Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu and, most especially, for Israel.

As far as I’m concerned, it can take its “apology” and put it in a dark, smelly place.

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