For New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo there is good news and bad news.

The good news is that he is winning his primary over Cynthia Nixon by an almost two to one margin.  With 86% of the vote counted, it is 65% for Cuomo to 35% for Nixon.

The bad news is that, while¬† 65-35 would be extremely impressive against a viable candidate…

…for Cynthia Nixon, with no political credentials and no resources to mount any kind of the campaign to run up 35% of the vote makes Cuomo look weak, not strong. And if he has any aspirations for 2020, which he almost certainly does, this establishes him as damaged goods.

if Cuomo can’t blow Cynthia Nixon away, how would he fare against Donald Trump?

More on this tomorrow.

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  • More realistic questions are :
    How will Cuomo fare against Michael Bloomberg.
    How will either aforementioned fare against Democratic Socialists financed by George Soros, Tom Steyer, etc.
    Those political unknowns who defeated longtime Democrats in the NY Primaries must have had very serious backing (campaign workers financed by “non-candidate issue groups”).

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