There apparently is going to be another Democrat presidential candidate.  A billionaire who thinks someone cares about his left-wing views.

From Evan Halper’s article in the Los Angeles Times:

California billionaire and liberal activist Tom Steyer will announce this week that he plans to enter the already crowded field of candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, according to a person close to him.

The decision by Steyer, one of the biggest donors to Democratic politicians, was unexpected. He had traveled to Iowa earlier in the year to announce he would not run, but would instead focus on his large grass-roots campaign to impeach President Trump.

The former hedge fund manager has been telling friends and associates that he will run. Politico reported late Sunday night that Steyer revealed his plans in a conference call with staff members at his advocacy groups.

Steyer, as you may be aware, has spent the last year or more spewing money in a thoroughly unproductive effort to have President Trump impeached.

The impeachment rallies/protests he has funded, for example, draw little more than flies – even as Trump-hating major news outlets try to pretend otherwise (click on the link and you’ll find an ABC News article titled “NextGen America supporters rally in Washington amid growing political interest to impeach Trump” – and then look at the pictures they show to see how few people actually turned up).

But now, demonstrating an ego about as large as Donald Trump’s, combined with a success rate on impeachment about as infinitesimal as Maxine Waters, he figures he can stroll in and take the nomination from everyone else.

My opinion?  After watching Donald Trump, last time around, accomplish exactly what Tom Steyer is trying to do now, I won’t say it’s completely impossible.  But I’d put the odds at somewhere near infinity to one against.

So, welcome to the group, Tom.  You can take the seat just vacated by your California counterpart, Eric Swallwell…

…and probably spend a lot of money getting exactly where Swallwell did.  Nowhere.

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