The bottom line?  No blue wave, but a mixed congress.

Republicans will hold the senate and add at least two seats – maybe four.

Let’s split the difference ant call it three.  That would move the final senate lineup from its presently tenuous 51-49 Republican majority to a solid 54-46.  And with John McCain, Jeff Flake and Bob Corker gone, it will be a more reliably partisan Republican majority than before.

On the house side, as expected, Democrats have overcome the Republican majority and then some.  With most races decided, it looks like Democrats will pick up 34 seats, and wind up with a solid majority – probably about 229-206.  While it is far from the blue wave Democrats had hoped for, this is unquestionably an excellent outcome for them.

Now:  will the Democrat house subpoena President Trump?  Try to impeach him – and, if so, for what?  Will Adam Schiff resurrect the evdenceless Russian collusion farce?  And how fractious will the battle for Speaker Of The House be?

And will President Trump get another Supreme Court selection?  Because, if he does, the path to confirmation should be a lot easier this time around.

Get ready for a very, very interesting two years.

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